It’s All in the Details: Door Surrounds and Entryways

5. Squaw Creek Ranch - Front Door After RenovationA door seems like a simple thing, right? A piece of wood, maybe metal, that allows entrance to one’s home.

Not at all. A doorway is not only the first impression of your living space, it can invite people in with a combination of hundreds of details we may not even notice. For example:

Transoms are small windows above a door or another window and can be used for light, ventilation or purely for decoration.

Pediments are the triangular front portion of a building placed above the horizontal entablature and its supporting columns.

Entablature is the upper portion of a building, the superstructure of moldings and bands divided into the architrave, frieze and cornice, which are…

18 Cobblestone at The Pinehills Door_WatermarkSee what we mean? A lot of thought can go into this small but vital detail.

But that doesn’t mean selecting your door features can’t be fun. We’ve got some useful tips and illustrations in this guide to door surrounds and entryways.

So come on in, the door’s open!

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