Development Trends Suggest Infill Is In

Portfolio PictureIn an effort to find increasingly scarce land resources, the housing industry has turned to infill development. Infill projects have become a progressive development technique due to their potential to increase levels of profitability in redeveloping areas. As a result of the growing popularity of infill development among redevelopment neighborhoods, these projects have taken both the modern route as well as the classically traditional design. Recently, Environs Development constructed two infill projects located in Chicago that each took a different design approach in advancing to the community’s redevelopment efforts. While constructing a home in the Lakeview area of Chicago, Environs Development went for a fresh and modern design that was inspired by the recent trends within the community.

In addition to the Lakeview home, Environs also constructed a home located in the Lincoln Park area where they stuck to a more seasoned and traditional design in effort to blend in seamlessly with the already established architectural style. Have there been any infill projects in your neighborhood? Are you interested in learning more about infill site development?

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