What Are Your ‘Must Haves’ In a Home on Planet Earth?

179244090The now twenty year old saying, “men are from Mars and women are from Venus”, implies the common perception that men and women view the world differently. But this aging saying may no longer hold true when it comes to choosing your ideal home. In a recent survey conducted by a panel of four industry professionals, men and women were asked to rank their “must have” home assets from a list of 14 qualities.

Here’s what the men had to say:                    Here’s what women had to say:
1. Great kitchen                                                  1. Great Kitchen
2. Function, function                                          2. Function, function
3. Wonderful master suite                                3. Wonderful master suite
4. Entertaining space                                         4. Family interaction space
5. Family interaction space                               5. Entertaining space
6. Outdoor living space                                      6. Outdoor living space
7. Garage/workshop                                           7. A place to work
8. A place to work                                               8. Curb appeal
9. Curb appeal                                                     9. A space for guests
10. Technology                                                   10. Garage/workshop

It turns out, regardless where we may be from, we all want similar things here on planet Earth. What is at the top of your must have list? How do they compare to our results?

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